Basic GMRS Radio Kit



In the post I want to share our general GMRS and backup choices for two-way radio communication.  We chose the Midland Base Camp, Midland GTX 1000, and Midland Micro Mobile radios.  This combination of raidos allows you to have handhelds in the field, two options for a base camp or home station, and a vehicle option.


We did realistic testing and got between 1.2 and 2 mile in the Dallas area.  While testing in a more rural setting we got an average of 3-4 miles.


One of the big reasons we chose the GTX 1000 and Base Camp were because the rechargable propiatary Midland battery is interchangable, and the Base Camp hand crank can chage the batteries with no outside power source other than your hands.


The handhelds have been dropped, sctratched, sprayed, rained on, and servived a toddler trial.  The Micro Mobile has been in our cars in the Texas summer twice and a, cold for Texas, winter.  The Base Camp has been treasured since Midland quit making them, that being said we have had accidental splashes and drops.  All did not even phase the Base Camp.


The GTX 1000 are strong handhelds.  The Micro Mobile is a wonderful mobile radio for vehices.  It is also an incredible base camp radio when extending the included antenna with PL-239 extension cable.  The Micro Mobile is also a great off grid or emergency preparedness item.  When paired with a Goal Zero Yeti you have a totally off grid, close to medium range communication option for your family or group.