Midland Base Camp


This episode will cover the Midland Base Camp FRS, GMRS, WX, AM, FM radio.


This unit has a great range as a FRS / GMRS radio. We were able to get similar results to the GTX 1000 on low power. This unit does not have a detachable antenna due to the FCC rules for FRS.


This is not a rugged device. The buttons and dials have a feel of sturdiness. We have not wanted to be too aggressive with our Base Camp since Midland has stopped making them.


The reason we are such a big fan of this model from Midland is the batteries are interchangeable with the GTX 1000’s. This means you can use the hand crank on the Base Camp to change not only the proprietary Midland battery, but you can also use it to charge the GTX 1000 batteries. This means you can have a comms kit with just the GTX 1000 and Base Camp and aside from your own hands you will not need an external power producer to charge your communications. This option for a comms kit will not give you medium or long range compared to higher wattage or repeater options, but this kit will give you a way to communicate up to 2 miles in a small package that can be housed in a small bag or medium faraday cage/bag.

This radio is also powered by and included A/C and D/C adapter as well as standard AA batteries compartment.

Other Benifits 

This radio also offers an AM, FM, and weather radio selection. The weather radio has an alert function, however the alert will not work when in any other function other than weather.  This was frustrating because while in GMRS mode you can not be alerted of a disaster or emergency.