Chirp for Beginners

I have had several people ask me for help using Chirp to program radios.  Below I will use screen shots to show a step-by-step programming.  Chirp can be found at the following link:

  1. A screen shot of a sender attaching a pre-made chirp file. chirp pre sent email.JPG
  2. Next show the received email containing the made Chirp attachment.chirp recieved email.JPG
  3. You will want to download the attachment sent to you.chirp gmail click download 2.jpg
  4. Once the file is downloaded you will want to click on the right side arrow and click “Show in Folder”. chirp gmail show in folder 4b.jpg
  5. After clicking “Show in Folder” your default location will pop-up.  The default location in most cases in your downloads folder.  If you click “Date Modified” your most recent download will show at the top.  This will conform you have downloaded the file.  Do NOT open the file here.chirp download folder 4c.JPG
  6. Open Chirp in the Programs folder.  Once open click “File” then “Open”.  Navigate to your “Downloads” folder and at that point double click the desired file.  Your window should look like the below screen shot.chirp open 3.JPG
  7. Now it is time to upload this desired file to your radio.  You will click “Radio” then “Upload to Radio”.chirp upload download screen 4.jpg
  8. Chirp will then open a popup and ask you to select the port your USB programming cable is programmed into.  Confirm the model information is correct.  Then click “OK”.  IMPORTANT: VOLUME ON RADIO MUST BE TURNED TO MAXIMUM PRIOR TO “OK”.chirp upload center window 5.jpg
  9. You have now programmed your first radio!  Well done.